leprechauns and love

I had an interesting dream last night. Many really, but one in particular stood out from the rest and has still been fresh in my head all day.

Of course, now that I’m getting back to writing this, it’s a day later, and the dream is a little bit more fuzzy. I’ll do my best to get the gist of it out…

It all started (at least this section of the dreaming) when I went down into the basement to play drums for a bit. I sat down at my kit, and it just felt awkward. At first I couldn’t really see any difference –I may not have actually been “seeing” anything, more like a feeling, you know how dreams are– but after being at it for a little while I noticed that a couple of cymbals were not where I would expect them to be. It was quite odd, as if they were there when I sat down, but just sort of vanished and I didn’t even notice until the playing felt off… Anyway, after further investigation, I found that they were on the floor a few feet away from the drum set and near a door that goes to the under-stair storage. The stands were folded up and laying with the cymbals. As strange as all of this was, I knew right away that it was the work of a Leprechaun who lived mostly under the stairs. Not the cool kind that puts marshmallow’s in your cereal. No, nothing good can live under the stairs (besides Harry Potter, but I digress), and this little wad of misery was a friend of none. Knowing that the leprechaun was probably still near by, I did what I usually do when I’m in the basement and feeling creeped out (which is every time I’m done doing what ever I was doing down there): I ran like a bat out of Hell up the stairs!

When I reached the top of the stairs I was in a foggy forest. This is actually quite a normal setting for dreams of mine. Most of my dreams are pretty spooky, nightmarish by most people’s standards, but I have never considered any dream I have had to be a nightmare. Not long after my arrival in the forest I heard a voice calling to me. It was a familiar voice, one I have heard many times before. Probably the most beautiful sound in the world to me, I knew instantly who it belonged to, but I cannot tell you her name, because I do not know. You see, in so many of my dreams, especially the horror-style ones, I have a companion who is with me on the adventure.

I followed the sound of the voice to find it’s owner kneeling by a tree, with her ear to it, listening for something… I can’t recall exactly if the exchange that we had was verbal or just something that was known between us, but we had to find the leprechaun before he could kill anything (not sure how we knew he was going to, but hey, he lives under the stairs…). The rest of the dream is mostly a haze. The main thing that I took away from it is the feeling that I get from this companion of mine in the dreams. I don’t know what exactly she looks like… dark hair perhaps, probably a nice jawline, slightly shorter than me I think, but that’s all just a guess. The important thing is that it is always the same person. She always feels the same, and seems to have the same shape, while still being almost shapeless; ethereal to the point of almost having no form… No matter the terror of the situation in the dream, or the challenges we are facing, I feel calm, strong, and complete when this person is beside me. There is a connection that I hope is something to be found outside of a dream, a feeling that if the world were to collapse around us, that if everything were to turn to ash, we would both have everything we could ever need as long as we were together. It’s almost like we are each others guardian angels, but both of flesh and blood, and so much more. As if we are the same energy (I believe that much of the world is, in a way, anyway) occupying two different vessels; together, but separate; one that is two and two that are one… It makes me into a fucking retard every time I have a dream like that.

I don’t know if a feeling like that can ever be real outside of a dream, or a movie. It seems like we hear stories of such things in real life, but until I see them for myself they are just that -stories. Being the bleeding heart that I can too often be, I believe there is such a thing to experience in this world. As far as the dream goes, and the location of the leprechaun, or learning the face and name of the girl in my dreams, I’d gladly trade never knowing any of that to meet this person once in real life. I would never dream while I sleep again, if it meant I could live my dream while I am awake.


~ by igobytony on May 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “leprechauns and love”

  1. Hello,

    That was a very entertaining post.
    As an avid dreamer myself I appreciate the details. It is very often the emotions that we feel during a dream that linger throughout our conscience day, at least in my experience.
    I have never had a dreaming companion, though. It sounds like a very special gift to have someone, even in a dream, to be guardian, partner, and companion. Deeply peaceful.
    Thank you, for the post.
    Sweet dreams. 🙂


    • Hey,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, and found the details to be engaging. As real –and at once surreal– as dreams can be, it is tough for me to get it out in a way that would make sense to others. I don’t fancy myself a good writer by any stretch, and it means a lot that my efforts to paint a picture were appreciated. Having the companion in my dreams has accounted for more than a few mornings of sleeping well past when I should have. It definitely is an amazing experience, especially that it is always the same person.

      Again, I’m glad that you enjoyed reading this, and thank you for the comment!

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