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I’ve always been pretty into bikes. Except for the several years that I spent with a skateboard attached to my feet, I’ve just loved to ride. Not just as a to and from sort of thing. And not just because I like to go fast, and feel the wind in my hair; not just because it saves in gas. It’s is of course all of that, and more. But I’ve come into an issue lately: I think I need a new bike.

I’m sure that might sound kind of bratty, especially since I’ve got a bike that works just fine -for some things. It’s pretty much a cross country mountain bike, which is great for trails, and would be awesome for commuting (with some less knobby tires on it), but it’s not so good for what I have mostly been doing lately. The majority of my time is spent on the streets and downtown. And jumping. I’ve always quite liked hucking myself off of things. I remember borrowing my gf’s new mtn bike in high school and bending the handle bars and forks from jumping off crazy ledges and such things. Needless to say, she was pissed.

At any rate, given what I’ve been doing with my current bike, I actually need another one. For the sake of my bikes health, and to make the riding style easier. The geometry of a cross country mtb does not work super well for big bunny hops, and it feels like it has a high center of gravity which just makes all kinds of other things strange. Plus, again given the geometry, it’s super tough to get the front wheels off the ground for a manual, and any thing else that involves balancing in any position besides two tires to the ground. So, I need a new bike.

I found an Identiti P-45, which is made in Britain, and is totally what I’m looking for. It has a really short frame, and should be much easier to get up and off the ground, manual, and just improve urban riding in every way. Plus, there supposed to be like bomb proof. Which means even if I don’t survive a drop, or I land super hard, it probably won’t break. I’m hoping to hear back from this guy tomorrow to find out if I can go check it out. Here is a picture of a build up from some guy in Arkansas using the frame that I’m talking about. I think I’ll keep the brakes that are on it, instead of switching for the discs I have (they’ll get bashed grinding). Also I’ll probably take the 100mm forks off my current bike, but we’ll see. I have to get it first.

Wish me luck.identiti P-45


~ by igobytony on April 26, 2009.

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