social networks shrink the world! no, not literally.

i’m just getting ready to go to sleep after spending the better part of my evening working on a case study for my marketing class, and thought i’d take a moment to write. the inspiration for this little blurb is a conversation i’m having with someone i went to high school with. which, in itself doesn’t sound at all out of the ordinary, or exciting. it’s really the way that we came to be in a position to be having a conversation that i find to be worth mentioning.

the person who i am talking with is actually someone who i really haven’t hung out with since jr. high. and someone who lives on the other side of the world right now, on Java in Indonesia. the conversation we are having is on twitter (you know you love it). i’m pretty sure that there is no way that i would have ever thought to search for this person on there, and probably wouldn’t have recognized him in the public timeline if i were to stumble across a post of his. the way we came into contact on twitter is through facebook. i edited my websites on there one day to include the twitter profile that i had recently begun using (this information was taken down a few hours later, after deciding i’d rather not have my managers at work follow me on twitter) and he noticed the update and “followed me”, and i reciprocated. still, not all that crazy, i guess. it gets more interesting though, when i consider that we became friends on facebook most likely through the “people you may know”, or perhaps a suggestion from another classmate of ours. remember, we hadn’t really talked since around 8th grade, so for us to be on opposite sides of the world and having a conversation after so many years of no contact, is kind of amazing to me.

it’s so interesting the way that the internet and technology are changing the way people communicate, and expanding our options for staying in touch. even to just have someone on your friends list on MS of FB is likely to be much more useful some random time ten years down the road than a phone number in your address book. i know many people argue –and with fine points at times– that social networking is making communication between people less personal and changing the ways that we relate for the worse, but right now, i’m thinking it’s pretty damn cool.


~ by igobytony on April 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “social networks shrink the world! no, not literally.”

  1. I recently spent a weekend away with a friend that I had not spoken to since we were freshmen in HS. She had transferred to a different school, and we lost touch. Facebook reunited us, and while neither of us were into the class reunion thing, we learned that we both loved traveling and had other similar interests. The weekend away was a great time, and we even have another little mini-vaca planned for the summer. Social networks do shrink the world and bring people together.

  2. I think social networking is amazing. You get REAL news from REAl people. And you get news what media tries to censor. 🙂

    BTW, your pics are stunning Tony!

  3. Don’t mention Tony. They’re really nice! Did you use a manual camera or a digital cam? It’s not easy to take pictures in the dark, and you’ve done so very well

    • I have a couple of digitals: a Cannon Powershot SD550 (which needs work because it won’t take pics with flash anymore! 😦 ), and a Cannon Powershot SD880is. I love them both. The 550 is supposed to be the “flagship” of the Elph series, but I like the 880 really well too! I’d like a manual soon, but I keep buying keyboards, drums, clothes, etc., instead of cameras.

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