b-day/zombie day

Wow, I am so tired right now, I can barely keep my eyes open. Had a pretty busy day yesterday, and didn’t sleep like I should have before school and then work today. It was all for a good cause, though: A couple of my best friends took me up to Lansing to see a band from Buffalo that they love, Damiera. After hearing them rave about this group for a good year and a half or so (they both play guitar, and have a lot of respect for the band on that level), I finally had the opportunity to check them out.

I’m no professional writer, and actually hate to even try to describe a genre, or the sound of a band –why I chose to do this blog then, is beyond me — so I will spare you having to read my attempts at being a music critic. I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like, and I like Damiera. While being a little light for my taste in guitar driven music (I like the screaming and double bass drum sort of thing), these guys blew me away.

It’s always nice to see a show at somewhere like Mac’s Bar, because it is so small. It makes the Blind Pig look big, if that means anything to you. Not only is it such an intimate atmosphere for the music, it usually works out that you can talk to the performers for a while before and after the show. On that note, I must say that the guys in Damiera are easily some of the most humble and down-to-earth people I’ve ever seen walk off a stage. Most drummers, not even tired after a set, would probably grow pretty impatient with my twenty questions about their preferences in regard to equipment, touring, and whatever the Hell else I bombard them with. But not in this case. Steve (if I recall correctly -it was my birthday and Mac’s was the destination, not the path) was more than happy to tell me why an electronic set is fun to practice on, but nothing he’d ever gig with, etc… Ditto for the singer, David, who we had a quick chat with on our way out to the car.
All in all, a pretty good night out, with some awesome friends and great music. Thanks.


~ by igobytony on April 14, 2009.

One Response to “b-day/zombie day”

  1. yo.
    you did it to me.
    we can be something like penpals…i guess.

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