it’s a musical life. wonderful.

Just taking a moment to reflect on the last week or so of going to check out some shows.

On Wednsday, the first of this month we went to see The White Lies. They were pretty damn good. A pretty melancholy sound, they remind me of The Editors. They sounded great, definitely not the sort of band that can get it right in the studio with twenty tries and then sucks onstage, they were tight. We only caught the very last two songs of the group before them, The Friendly Fires, because we were at jiu jitsu and had to shower up afterward. Too bad to, because based on what we saw of them, it would have been pretty amazing. Tons of energy, and interesting guitar technique. Like playing it with power tools instead of fingers. Fun.

On Wednesday this week we saw one of, if not the number one, favorite local bands of mine, The Sugar People. They played one of their quieter sets, more acoustic and wit a cello and violin player sitting with them (like the bedroom sessions party they played at their house this fall). It was beautiful. And of course Unek’qa’s voice was as powerful as ever. I can’t wait to see them again for one of their more electric (with blue light and visuals everywhere) shows soon. As an aside, the violin player was beautiful. Sugar People

Most recently (Friday) we went to see The Hard lessons. I was super excited to check them out, because I really like their sound. It’s a really dirty, classic rock-ish sort of thing. Filthy, I love it. But, I only love it for about four songs. Turns out that their sound is their sound, and it is pretty much just one thing. I found myself getting a little bored after about twenty minutes. Don’t get me wrong, they rocked. I have rarely seen as excited a floor at the Blind Pig as I did that night, with people jumping around and singing along. The Hard lessons definitely have some die hard fans in Michigan, as they should. They’re good, and they’re from Detroit.

Tonight I’m heading up to Lansing to see Damiera at Mac’s bar with a couple of my best friends. I’m excited. One of them lives in E.L., so I rarely see him. Should be fun. And, it’s my birthday, so I hope that helps add some excitement to the day.


~ by igobytony on April 12, 2009.

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