the beginning

The intention here is to begin the first blog that I will actually work to keep current, and bother with something in the way of a cohesive theme. The theme will be my life. Perhaps that is not as cohesive a subject as one could come up with, but it is the one that I am most familiar with, and therefore the one I am most able to report on.

Prepare for random posts on everything from the band I saw last night, to how school is going, and how BJJ went that night. I plan to post many pictures, as I am a lover of photography (regardless of my ignorance of the art).

If ever there is something here you feel is worth commentary, by all means say your piece. I will always reply to anyone who ever addresses me directly.

I go by Tony, and this is what i think.


~ by igobytony on April 11, 2009.

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